Roof Repair of a leaking valley in Minehead, Somerset

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July 6, 2022

Leaking roof valley repair in Minehead near Taunton, Somerset

This month we went out to do some repair work on a property in Minehead, Somerset which had a leaking valley. This required us to take out the old split lead and then replace it with smaller sections to allow the lead to be overlapped to avoid any future splitting whilst creating a solution to what would have been a ongoing problem.

What are roof valleys and what causes roof valley leaks?

Roof valleys are troughs which are formed where two roof slopes meet with the purpose of collecting water and directing it away from the roof into the gutter.

What makes a roof valley leak?

Usually the lifespan of a roof valley is very good due to the fact they are mainly created with lead which means they can last up to 20 years. However there are occasions when this time frame can be cut shorter and on this occasion it was caused by cracking in the lead as only a single piece was used rather than multiple sections.

Other issues that can make a roof valley leak are leaves which can get stuck to the valley causing corrosion and formation of rust bubbles. These can quickly become holes in the valley which can be the source of damage to neighbouring parts of the roof.

During the winter leaves can also collect in the roof valley leading to ice formation. The expansion and contraction of the freezing water can cause the lead to move and subsequently the roof to leak.

What can I do to ensure my Roof valley lasts?

Rain collection systems are an important part of ensuring that your roof is protected from the elements and so water is prevented from entering the roof space.

Ensure that trees around your property don't drop leaves in to your roof valley.

Use a company to clear the gutters and leaves from your property to ensure the correct maintenance.

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