Leaking Zinc Bay Roof Repair in Bristol

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August 10, 2022

Bay Roof Repairs and Maintenance in Bristol

Leaking original bay roofs on properties can be a problem when performing maintenance on your home. The original zinc had perished on the bay roof causing it to leak and damage the property. We removed the zink and then had to take out the rotten timber boarding that had been situated on the bay roof. Once we had cleaned the area and ensured that there was no further issues we reboarded using OSB (oriented strand board), due to its water resistant nature and then leaded the bay sections to ensure the property was watertight and remains so.

Why use lead for bay roofs?

Lead is great for bay roofs as it expands and contracts with the weather which makes it great for the unpredictable nature of the UK weather especially here in the South West.

It's also flexible and water tight which makes it a great sealant. When installed properly it will last up to around 20 years depending on the upkeep and is especially resistant to corrosion.

One of the key benefits is that on older properties it can offer a more decorative finish meaning it will be in keeping with the property and the its style.

Lead is an environmentally friendly product which can be recycled this means that by using lead your are reducing the impact of the work on your property by using green materials.

Why use OSB (oriented strand board)?

OSB panels are an engineered wood-based panel made from long strands of wood bonded together with a synthetic resin adhesive. OSB can usually be made of three layers. The outer two layers are orientated in the long direction of the panel, most of the time.

We use OSB board as they are of a consistent quality and are incredibly strong and versatile.

Using OSB is also more cost effective than something like plywood

OSB is also water resistant and in some version waterproof.

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At Henleaze Roofing we have been fixing roofs and installing lead flat roofs for over 40 years across Somerset and the South West. We use only the finest quality materials so if you are looking for a new roof or roof repairs we guaranteed we will secure the roof over your head. Contact use today

Henleaze Roofing

Henleaze Roofing have over 4 decades of experience in roofing repairs and new roof installations. With their eclectic mix of traditional and new techniques they undertake a range of roof repairs and works all delivered to the highest standards using the best quality products.

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